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Uuuh! Exit 2023, enter 2024.We’re only 3 days away from 2024. It’s like yesterday when EM shared the priorities for 2023 and a theme of the year. The theme of the year 2023 was “ A year of restoration and delivery”. At the beginning of 2023, we were all geared for delivery and to continue turn around efforts of the Organization through transformative and restorative efforts.

Looking back, I would like to agree with those who’re saying we’ve achieved a lot over the past one year. Even members of the public and our customers have, in some cases, recognized the efforts we’re making as an Organization to transform Escom. This is a testimony to the hard work and efforts being made by each one of you.

Some may be saying, this man likes talking things up for Escom…well, let me highlight some of the key achievements for the year 2023 and you can tell me at the end if am just a rumbler😊. We entered 2023 with the news that Government had made a decision to dissolve PML, and to transfer the Single Buyer license back to ESCOM. This decision was as a result of intense negotiations by ESCOM EM, ESU and other stakeholders who saw sense in bringing back SB license to ESCOM.

This was a big achievement for ESCOM, and indeed we have carried out further activities throughout the Year 2023 to consolidate and embed Single Buyer activities in ESCOM. We now have a functional team in ESCOM that’s carrying out SB activities. In March 2023, Government made another big decision on the disputed bill between EGENCO and ESCOM which saw a bill of about MK65 billion being written off.

This was a huge achievement as it was impacting heavily on ESCOM’s financials, but again, a result of intense lobbying by ESCOM Board, EM and ESU as well.

Continuing with the financial theme, let me remind you that at the beginning of 2023, we had a backlog of financial audits for years 2020, 2021, and 2022. As we speak, we have audited financial statements for 2020 and 2021. We also expect to have approved financial audits for years 2022 and 2023 by the end of the financial year (March 2024).

Kudos should go to the Finance Team whose dedication has taken us thus far! In terms of Tariffs, the 2023-27 base tariff was approved in August 2023. This was also as a result of effort and dedication of several staff groups in ESCOM.

Bwana COO mwayamba kutipanikiza ndi ma achievements tsopano… can you just stop there! Fine I hear you but I won’t stop coz you need to be proud of your individual contributions to ESCOM’s success. So please allow me to continue.

The MEAP project was almost being terminated at the beginning of the year 2023 as it had not registered significant progress after 3 years of its inception. As of today, we have registered almost 56000 connections, the highest number of connections ESCOM has ever achieved in a single year! And almost 95% of these connections have really been achieved from May 2023, about 8 months! There has been significant progress also on MOMA, Emergency Restoration Project in Lower Shire, Low Voltage Asset Mapping Project, TID Rollover project and JICA project.

Don’t forget that we also commissioned Automatic Generation Control with EGENCO (but really driven by ESCOM), and we launched ISP27 in style. I would like to remind you that ISP27 was fully developed internally, that is, no consultant was involved!

In terms of materials availability, we have registered a massive improvement as well within the year. Several critical materials, including transformers and poles have been delivered. This was a result of several contracts including some on framework being concluded within the year. I am very excited about the delivery of poles by Raiply which will enable Distribution and Transmission undertake meaningful maintenance this coming year. Thumbs up to the Procurement Directorate about these gains. Let’s continue to push guys!

Within the year, there has been a massive effort to implement Functional Review recommendations. Indeed, we are almost towards the end of this process whose aim is to capacitate the Organisation to deliver ISP27nand to provide certainty to Staff about their future. Other key achievements in HR include approval of PMS and revised conditions of service.

In Customer Service, we’ve been hearing customers appreciating the receipt of feedback from Contact Centre after reporting faults. This is commendable and lets continue registering these improvements……

Enough with achievements! As I conclude this edition of weekly updates, I would to thank staff across the country who’re working, especially those in the field and relevant support staff in offices, in making sure that we keep the Lights ON and to enable the country celebrate the festive season. EM is so appreciative of your dedication and sacrifice! We’re all proud of you!

Once again, on behalf of EM, I would like to wish you all happy festive season as we gear up for another year of achievement in 2024!



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