MEAP beneficiaries hail World Bank for new electricity connections

Some Malawi Electricity Access Project (MEAP) beneficiaries in Blantyre have hailed the World Bank for funding the project, saying it has improved their lives and businesses.

Mkoka Health Centre in Nancholi Township, Matindi Community Day Secondary School (CDSS) in Matindi and Arabella Shopping Mall in Chileka are among the 74,800 beneficiaries of MEAP.

In an interview, Matindi CDSS deputy head teacher, Judith Joseph Nasiyaya, said the 275-plus learners at the newly-built school used to struggle before it was connected to MEAP electricity in December 2023. 

“We were unable to produce our examination papers. We were having them produced outside and this was expensive. Learners were also unable to study at night and this used to affect their performance in class,” she said at school, which is located in Blantyre Rural off the M1 Road.

Nasiyaya saluted the World Bank for funding the project, adding: “My little message to them [World Bank] is that they have to continue funding this project so that more people should aso benefit.”

Elsewhere, Edson Mulinde, owner of Arabella Shopping Mall situated along the Chileka Road, said before being connected to electricity, his property faced security threats and potential tenants shunned it.

“My message to the World Bank is that they have partnered Malawi very well as far as electricity is concerned. It is a project that has helped a lot in the electrification of many areas,” he said.

Residents of Mkoka Village, Traditional Authority Somba in Blantyre echoed similar sentiments after having their newly-built health centre connected to MEAP sponsored electricity.

Phase One for MEAP targets households located within a 500-metre radius of existing distribution transformers with the ultimate objective of connecting 180,000 households upon its completion. 

MEAP was launched in December 2022 but rolled out officially in February 2023.

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