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We Procure, Transmit, Distribute and Supply Electricity


The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) is a limited liability company established under the Companies Act of 1984. The mandate of the Corporation is to procure, transmit and distribute Electricity in the country.

Transmission operates the national electricity grid. It comprises of transmission power lines and substations which are operated at high voltage levels.

Distribution provides interface between ESCOM and its customers. It is responsible for the distribution of electricity throughout the country. It also supplies electricity to some border towns of Milanje, Mandimba, Zobwe and Villa Ulongwe in Mozambique as well as Lundazi and Chama in Zambia.

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Dedicated to empowering Malawi now and for the future

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To procure, transmit, distribute and supply quality, reliable and affordable electricity to our customers; and to extend the benefits of a modern elecricity service to all Malawians.

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To improve Customer Service and Service delivery, improve the electricity access rate, and improve communication and networking with stakeholders.

To improve business efficiency and service delivery, ESCOM is divided into Directorates namely: Distribution, Transmission and Head Office (Holding).