Producing Quality Electricity

Generation Directorate

Generation is responsible for running all power generation stations. Most power generation stations are hydro, located along the Shire River in the Southern part of Malawi with another small hydro power station at Wovwe in Karonga. ESCOM also operates thermal power in Mzuzu and Lilongwe as stand-by for the interconnected system.

ESCOM has power generating stations: Nkula, Tedzani, Kapichira and Wovwe. Other power plants include a Diesel Power Plant in Mzuzu and a separate isolated system in Likoma District. Total installed capacity from the hydropower plants is 285.85MW. Including the 1.1 MW from the Diesel Power plant in Mzuzu and 1.050MW from Likoma district, the total present installed capacity for ESCOM is 288.00MW

In Mzuzu there is a 1.1 MW Diesel Power Plant whereas Likoma District has two separate isolated systems with a total installed thermal power plants capacity of 1.050MW.

Therefore, the total present installed capacity for the ESCOM system, inclusive of standby thermal plants, is about 288.00 MW.

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Power Station Total Installed Capacity
Kapichira Falls129.6 MW
Nkula124 MW
Tedzani92.7 MW
Wovwe Mini Hydro4.35 MW
Mzuzu Diesel Unit1.1 MW
Likoma Islands Diesel Units1.050MW
Chizumulu Islands Diesel Units2 Units at 150 KW each
Total 353.1 MW