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Read the steps below to apply for Electricity Connection.

The following details will be required in an application :

Sketch map for direction to locate your premises indicating landmarks for the area, features for your premises, ocation of ESCOM network in the area, electrical appliances that will be used and details of the owner of the premises.

You can learn more under this page:

New Connections.

Customers may check bills through the website or any one of ESCOM offices scattered through out the country. ESCOM sends out the bills directly to customers monthly.

Faults can be reported at various faults centres located across the country. Specific areas and their respective faults centres with their contact details can be found on this link:

Fault Reporting Centers - Southern Region
Fault Reporting Centers - Central Region
Fault Reporting Centers - Northern Region
Load shedding is carried out when the power demanded on the system exceeds supply. If load shedding is not carried out, it may result in the system collapsing.
You can find the Tariffs and Charges by following the page : Tariffs and Charges
You can contact us by following this page : Contact Us