1. How do I apply for Electricity?

  • Visit any Customer Care Centre or ESCOM office
  • Fill an Application Form (Download Application Form )
  • Customer service staff will assist you to fill the form if you have problems




The following details will be required in an application

Sketch map for direction to locate your premises indicating landmarks for the area, features for your premises, ocation of ESCOM network in the area, electrical appliances that will be used and details of the owner of the premises.

You can learn more under this page: New Connections

2.Where can I check my bills?

Customers may check bills through the website: check bills online or any one of ESCOM offices scattered through out the country. ESCOM sends out the bills directly to customers monthly.

3.Where can I pay for my bills?

Customers can make payment for their bills through any of the following:

  • ESCOM Revenue Offices
  • Malawi Savings Bank
  • National Bank ATM's
  • National Bank counter
  • Standard Bank counter
  • NBS Bank counter
  • First Merchant Bank







Other details are available on the Customer Services Link

4. Where can I report faults?.

Faults can be reported at various faults centres located across the country. Specific areas and their respective faults centres with their contact details can be found on this link: Fault Reporting

5. Why does it take long to get customers connected after paying for a new connection?

Normally all things being available, ESCOM is supposed to connect a customer within 30 days of making payment for the new connection. However due to a number of various reasons, this has proven a difficult target to meet. These include:

  • Shortage of forex as most of the materials are imported from outside the country
  • Cash flow problems that have emanated from other commitments like the Tedzani I and II rehabilitation project that has required huge sums of money in investments.
  • Bottlenecks in the procurement process.





These factors withstanding, ESCOM does connect customers albeit at a slower than it would have loved. But ESCOM expects to drastically improve the connections rate after Tedzani I and II rehabilitation completion in after August 2008

6. Why does ESCOM carry out Load shedding?

Load shedding is carried out when the power demanded on the system exceeds supply. If load shedding is not carried out may result in the system collapsing


Our Vision is to become a preferred world class provider of reliable and sustainable electricity to the nation and in the region