How ESCOM insurance schemes work

Imagine you are an ESCOM employee and you get injured in course of work, what do you do? Imagine again you are a supervisor and a transforme

How ESCOM insurance schemes work

By Peter Kanjere

Imagine you are an ESCOM employee and you get injured in course of work, what do you do? Imagine again you are a supervisor and a transformer in your area has suffered damage, what course of action do you take?

Realising that such eventualities can happen, ESCOM has insurance schemes that cover its employees, assets and the public in the event of injuries and other tragedies encountered in the course of work and service delivery.

Such schemes are clearly spelt out in ESCOM Workers Compensation Policy, Machinery Policy, Product Liability and Public Liability documents.

The Workers Compensation Policy covers for injuries suffered or diseases contracted by workers in course of their employment or for death resulting from such injuries or diseases.

However, ESCOM does not pay compensation when an injury incapacitates a worker for a period of less than seven consecutive days and when incapacity or death has occurred due to deliberate self-injury and willful misconduct.

On the other hand, Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy covers unforeseen and sudden physical losses or damages to items from causes such as defects in casting and material, faulty design, faults at workshops or in erection, bad workmanship, lack of skill and carelessness.

In case of damage to transformer from 50kva above, responsible District Engineers must fill transformer claim form within 14 days from the date of loss for insurer’s settlement. insurance companies decline claims that are reported late.

Where a damaged transformer has been repaired internally or through repair experts, the claim form must be accompanied by internal repair estimates.
Additionally, Public Liability Insurance Policy provides indemnity against legal liability for a third party for an accidental death in connection with the business or activities of ESCOM
Overall, when such incidents happen delays must be minimized so that injured workers are served better, machinery and product claims are not rejected.

To speed up the process, each concerned party has to minimize the delays taking place at his office both for Workers Compensation, machinery breakdown product and public liability.

Meanwhile, ESCOM Legal Department held sensitization workshops across all regions to sensitise members of staff to issues pertaining to the insurance schemes and the company’s policy.

further reduction in power supply

further reduction in power supply